Hey I’m Leish! I’m an adventurous photographer who loves to photograph fashion, portraits and weddings.

I’m very blessed. Growing up in a small town in central Queensland, made me appreciate my big family. Contrary to my parents and most of my siblings being involved in the construction industry, I was always destined for the creative arts.
My love for photography was sparked by an iPhone camera, with a lens no bigger than a pea, and a canvas of sunsets, trees and sports. #classic #basic. In grade 10, the financial investment began, with my first (of many) Canon DSLR’s. I had big dreams. Just the thought of being a fashion photographer drove my ambition, even though years would pass before the idea would even surface in real life.

In 2015, my family relocated to the Sunny Coast. This move motivated the prospect of actually going to University and once I set my eyes on the Bachelor of Photography at Griffith Uni I was sold. Lo and behold, I was accepted. I paved my own path without even realising what was to come!
After 3 challenging years (along with some amazing opportunities including 2 overseas study trips/exchange) I graduated in 2019, majoring in Creative Advertising.

As it turns out, my distant fashion photographer dream has come to life. It hasn’t been easy but it has been the most rewarding and wonderful journey and as I’m about to focus full time as a freelance photographer, I couldn’t be more grateful for this creative community that has welcomed me. I am inspired everyday by those around me, striving to grow in my personal and professional life. I hope my story encourages others to achieve anything they set their minds to, as long as they fight for their dreams. I have been blessed with a supportive family and loving friends who believe in me, but the key to success is always believing in yourself (cliche, but so true).

Since diving into the world of photography I have built up my portfolio through shoots across fashion, portraiture, weddings and more. I continue to learn and grow through every shoot and experience I can as I further my career. Nothing brings me more joy than capturing beautiful moments to tell stories whether that’s creatively for brands or for personal treasures. I not only want to capture how it looked but how it felt, a picture can tell a thousand words… or whatever they say – they weren’t wrong.

I’m currently freelancing from Brisbane, Australia, to see my up to date portfolio please visit my instagrams www.instagram.com/aleishaedwardscreative and www.instagram.com/aleishaedwardsphoto