❄ It snowed in Plymouth! ❄

Over the past few weeks it has gotten quite cold to the point where tiny flakes of snow have fallen however Plymouth being by the sea, something science-y about how the snow doesn’t settle here because salt and stuff not sure (still snapchatted it falling with Let it Snow song playing in the background) but last Tuesday on the 27th March after leaving small group, it had snowed and a layer of snow covered the streets lightly -Ii was amazed, to say the least.

Processed with VSCO with c7 presetWell, it turns out that was nothing because on Wednesday I spent most the day at uni doing some letterpress on my prints and watched as it snowed heavily and covered everything! It was like a blizzard – super windy and quite amusing as people started freaking out about going home and their plans etc.. i was stoked though, a situation like this is unprepared for here in Plymouth apparently and uni was cancelled later that day, the next day + Friday. The most amazing part of this all is the fact that it hasn’t snowed like this in over 10 years or so according to Paul my letterpress pal.snow_18I took a bunch of photos that day when I could and went out in the snow. It was -3/-4°C and apparently most the United Kingdom was going through this snow storm lol i guess it’s not surprising considering Australia is approx 31.4 UK’s put together (maybe unreliable source but interesting nonetheless). With it being so cold of course people are going to all use their radiators too so a large demand on gas etc etc so the people i live with decided to do their part and not use ours much… ended up sleeping with 4 layers of clothes, two pairs of socks with 2 doonas (duvets), extra blanket and wore a beanie and scarf most the day inside :))). 6 degrees now feels like 15 so it’s all good.


Safe to say Wednesday was one of the most exciting days of my dayum life. ❄

I forced myself to go out on Thursday otherwise i’d regret it, i went to Central Park (unfortunately not the one in NYC) and successfully didn’t fall over despite half the snow turning to ice woo. Took some pics – almost froze to death but v worth it.snow_17Here’s a bunch of pics of us frolicking amongst the snow and the scenery which was gorg. Goodbye snow Thursday night as the rain came and it is apparently going to continue raining for the next two weeks straight *cries internally*





❄ Byeee ❄

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