My trip to Ireland…

I flew out of Brisbane at 2:30am on Thursday the 18th Jan, my first flight to Dubai was 16.5 hours with an inflight fuel stop in Singapore, I was supposed to have a 1.5 hour stopover in Dubai, however, this didn’t go to plan as for some reason we stayed in Singapore for way longer than we were supposed to so we had to be escorted straight from one plane to the other in Dubai which was a solid 20 minute walk in the airport what felt like walking from one side to the other (no joke its huge…) and then jump straight onto the new plane without a second to spare. Pretty devo but oh well, anyway then we got straight onto the new plane which was 8.5 hours from Dubai straight to Dublin (with the exact same menu lol yum). The positive of the flights was that they weren’t full so I always had space next to me or a whole row to myself which was fab.

After arriving in Dublin at 7:30pm Thursday night (27 hours of flying later) I encountered visa problems in immigration that i didn’t really understand (has become a problem since coming to the UK but that’s another story) and then again waiting for my checked bag. While waiting i connected to the free wifi to receive an email saying my bag was delayed (didn’t make it from the first plane to the second clearly) and i only had tracksuit pants, a knit jumper and pair of sneakers with me in 1 DEGREES CELCIUS WEATHER in Dublin woo! I looked homeless to put it simply. That’s not even the worst part, my Shamrocker tour around Ireland was leaving the next morning at 8am and my bag didn’t arrive into dublin until 11:30am, also shops were closed so i couldn’t buy any clothes as well lol disastrous. Like dayum does it get much worse than this hahaha. Paid an arm and a leg and caught a cab to my hotel and i expected to be able to sleep straight away but ended up having to stay up trying to organise what to do, (couldn’t even contact the tour company as they were closed) anyway long story short i ended up going on the tour with what i had (really embarro but i did it) and somehow got my bag delivered to the hostel in Killarney (3.5 hours away from Dublin) the next night and was there when we arrived (BLESS).

Anyway, i’m so happy i winged it and went on the tour anyway because it was incredible!

Day One

On day 1 we left Dublin at ‘half 8’ as they say, and travelled past the River Liffey on the way to Rock of Cashel. We walked around it for about 20 min or so (couldn’t go in) but it was hugeee. At one point around the back we walked over the green hill thing off track and i kid you not it lightly snowed for like 2 minutes SHOOK then started to rain again. We then drove further down nearby Cork where we visited Blarney Castle – was freezing cold and didn’t take many photos but we went into the castle and it was incredible, also Erica and i kissed the Blarney stone in the castle because who doesn’t love germs- (you have to lay down on your bag and lean over the edge holding onto a rail to kiss the stone fun fun). Bought some groovy souveniers then ate lunch in an Irish pub nearby before heading to Killarney County Kerry for the night (where my bag was yay).


Rock of Cashel



Day Two – the best.

Nothing could bring down my mood on day two after getting my suitcase back. This next day was incredible.

After leaving Killarney we drove west along the Wild Atlantic Way through Dingle along the most amazing coastlines, eventually, we arrived at this farmers place where you can hold a baby lamb (for 2 euro). We walked up into the shelter and got to feed the sheep and baby lamb milk bottles which they loved, they were so so cute. (Haven’t eaten lamb since lol)

This farmer also lives on this property where we could go inside these ‘Bee Hive Huts’ which are apparently over 1200 years old – pre cool.


We drove further along the Dingle Penninsula to Slea head Beach where we walked down to the water and back, such a nice spot.


After this, we proceeded to drive further along slea head road where we reached this mini hill/mountain thing on the coast which is apparently the most westerly point of Ireland. There is a view of the Blasket Islands and ‘The sleeping giant’. This place had the most amazing rocks – sounds weird but they looked so cool, we had less than an hour and hiked up the top, it was INSANELY windy.


Erica almost getting blown over by the winds!



The sleeping giant

After this stop we then drove back to Dingle for some food before making our way to Ennis for the night, we ate in the restaurant next to the hostel which was lovely then went to an Irish pub not far away, had a drink and listened to some guys play some traditional Irish music which was a great way to end the day.

Day Three

The next day we drove to the Cliffs of Moher in the morning, which i was keen as to see, but unfortunately the weather was terrible and the cliffs were completely covered in fog and it was raining. We went and had a snack in the cafe before going to check again and thankfully somehow we managed to be able to see a tiny bit of cliffs which was better than nothing! We then headed straight to Galway because of the bad weather, we spent a couple hours in Galway and decided we’d go on a little touristy train type ride around (10euro) to see some sights before we drove back to Dublin where we arrived around 5pm.


I stayed in Dublin for 2 nights at the Generator Hostel, the pals I made (in the polaroid) were around for a bit while I was so we hung out a bit before we all left the next day/day after which was great, I then flew out of Dublin to London on the 23rd Jan to head to Plymouth the next day.

Ireland was seriously incredible, despite the few bumps along the way it was one of the most incredible experiences, the tour was so low key and amazing (cheers to shamrocker tours) and I made the best of friends from Aus, Canada and Costa Rica, Ireland is absolutely stunning, def worth the trip!

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