Lily – Mount Tambourine

Saturday afternoon shoot collab with my friend and MUA Lily Hilton (@looksby_Lily), featuring model Lily Holmes from Katz Managment. (@lilly.ella.holmes) Originally planned to shoot near cedar creek falls however being a Saturday it was crazy busy, we ended up driving back down the mountain after HMU was done where i found these gorgeous trees in someone’s front yard, Lily (mua) and I walked into the property to this guy’s house and he was so kind to let us shoot on his property! After shooting out the front for a bit he invited us to this bridge out the back where there was also a tonne of logs too, it was such a beautiful property and worked perfectly. You never know how amazing something could go unless you go out on a whim and ask 😉 This shoot had an editorial vibe to it which i am loving!

Here are a couple photos from the shoot x

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